Fabulous four-some!


I recently posted a blog about how bad things come in threes.  Well, luckily, the third never came! In fact we should be pleased that things seem to be going so well just now.

  • I’ve been (un-expectedly) elevated to Fellowship within my profession
  • A nephew has just become engaged to a lovely girl
  • We had a super meal with our daughter at the weekend
  • Our son and his fiancee are enjoying themselves down in London training for a new career

There are some other happenings which look exciting, but I don’t want to tempt fate.

The only one bad thing still in the forefront of our minds, is that we have had to close down our shop dealing with disability aids after only three years. It served the community well, but  many people now come in for free advice and just go on the net to hunt about to look for the cheapest bargain. Then if it is not suitable they come and see what we can do about it!

We’re not alone as many large and small businesses in our area have folded, leaving vacant premises and the whole urban landscape is becoming very depressing.

And of course behind every such closure lies much heartache for employers and employees alike. However we will fight on for as long as we can….and, hey, the next Government will be able to put everything to rights.

Meanwhile we will be happy with our good news!

7 thoughts on “Fabulous four-some!

  1. Such good news is welcome at any time but I guess especially so at this time of year.
    Congratulations, and well done, on your fellowship!
    Town centres are the same all over, and I fear that it’s going to take more than a new government to put everything to rights.

  2. Thanks folks…LayClerk raises the web as a answer to some of the current problems we have. Unfortunately, the same wonderful communication system has dealt a severe blow to many of us who have provided a professional service for decades.

    In my own audiology profession we have to see people to assess hearing loss and prescribe and fit a correct hearing system. there are some ‘crooks’ out there who try to supply over the internet, although it is allegal.

    From the point of view of the other parts of our business we are often used for technical queries and then get a brief thanks before they go off to hunt the net for the model we have suggested. Then if what they buy proves unsuitable we are expected to help them out!

    We also have designed sound and loop systems for literally hundreds of churches…and an Edinburgh Episc churhc which we had done, had the cheek to phone today and ask about replacement radio mics (for ones we fitted in 1993! When I told him, he thanked me gratefully and then asked me to repeat the model as he was hunting for it on the web!

    He got no more help from me!

    So the Web has not got an un-blemished record as far as business is concerned!

  3. I’m sorry I missed this posting but I do love your attitude.
    *coughs* DOn’t put too much hope in any government!
    Hope you are ok…. still feeling optimistic!

  4. Unfortunately, the third bit of bad luck came, with son having to go into hospital suddenly in London, and has not been able to work properly since until investigations are complete….but…hey…we just have to keep going!

    As far as the polititions are concerned I look forward, I think, to the television debates before the election.

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