I’ve been having a rant!


Our son, and one of our friends, seem to compete as to who is the more verbose ranter. Start either of them off on some subject close to their heart, and only a yawn or a mechanised nod or shake of the head will be possible as your contribution to the discussion!

The subject can be about politics, the media, religious beliefs, education; in fact the subject doesn’t really matter! Give them a chance and off they go on a verbal rampage on any nearby ears! It is only when a burst of laughter permeates the air from one of the listeners, that the spell can be broken.

So why am I blogging about this?…..I don’t normally rant unless I find idiocy around, mainly in our political leaders!

I started on a letter to our local newspaper recently, about the dramatic upset to local businesses (including ours) because of continuous disruption to traffic flow in our area. They are in the middle of the construction of a link road to a motorway, and I have pointed-out  many times that this will drain local potential cutomers to the large shopping malls.

The letter got longer and longer and eventually covered two closely-typed A4 sheets. The editor was delighted when I sent it, and they did an editorial piece based on it.

I lambasted the local politicians and executive who are prepared to give us the pain, but without any foreseeable gain, with their senseless wasting of money on worthless, inconvenient or over-priced  projects. I await to hear if there are any replies, either personally or via the Letters Page.

It doesn’t really make any great difference to the present state of affairs, as the money has largely been spent, but perhaps it might make them sit-up and think a little more before they rubber-stamp the spending of hard-earned money…which is ours, after all!

So, I have succumbed to being a ranter……….what do you rant about?

2 thoughts on “I’ve been having a rant!

  1. Get me started on U.S. politics, and I can usually guarantee that you won’t hear the end of it. *g* I’ve always been interested in the goings-on at the White House, Senate and Congress — blame The West Wing for that. But there’s always going to be things that set me to tipping point when I will start ranting and raving about whatever it is.

    Most people know that the current healthcare reforms are somewhat close to my heart. I have friends in the U.S., whom I always worry about when they get ill or hurt themselves somehow, because they can’t afford the costs of getting treatment, nor can they afford health insurance. However, the politicians in Senate and Congress are holding things up. In Congress, Pelosi (last I heard) was claiming they wouldn’t pass the Senate version of the bill (which, amongst other things, will ensure that the 47m or so Americans currently without health coverage will be able to find affordable insurance, and won’t risk losing it just because they have pre-existing conditions or get ill one too many times). Meanwhile, the Senate democrats are whimpering with their tails between their legs because they just lost their filibuster-proof 60-seat supermajority in the Massachusetts elections, while the Republicans are opposing practically everything that Obama is putting out there just because they can. Obama finally busted both parties’ chops last night at the State of the Union, so I can only hope that it instills some common sense in them.

    *Glances back over her comment*

    … Yeah, like I said, don’t get me started on American politics if you’re hoping for a quiet evening. =P

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