Blooming cold!

Did the ‘New Year’ thing, and went for a walk over the snow-covered local Lenzie Moss nature reserve. At one time it was an area where peat was cut and the outlines of the cuttings are still plain to see. This is now not done, but the area is protected, as well as a small wild forest. Often in the winter it is boggy and difficult to walk on, but this year the frost has kept it easily-accessible for walking. Beautiful…but the air was extremely cold…… Winter’s here, can Spring be far behind?


7 thoughts on “Blooming cold!

  1. I did the ‘New Year’ thing too….stayed in and played on the wii with my daughter! hehe This snow isn’t giving is it? My dad has just told me it’s in for month.. and I sit here and look out of the window at my snow covered car wondering if the pixies are going to come and take the snow off. My little pixie is still in bed so perhaps not.
    Happy New year ro you and yours Harry! May 2010 be filled with goodness!

  2. Now that I’ve got the New Year thing out of the system, we are going to spend today indoors as it is blizzarding outside!…..probably with the Wii…but nothing too strenuous, you understand!

  3. I’m just waiting for them to bring out a selection of in-activities, like SNOOZING, THINKING, REMINISCING, THUMB-TWIDDLING, SNORING, etc….there must be a market there!

  4. lol! I’d be good at all of those! Thanks for the Sunday morning snorter! You made me chuckle! Hows the weather Harry? I’m a little white-stuff obsessed at the moment but with another signigicant snowfall and no wet roads to look at I’m feeling a little apprehensive for my commute tomorrow. Extended Christmas holiday would work for me!

  5. Roads are rutted with hard-packed snow…then frozen over. Luckily most of main roads are clear but side roads notorious. We were supposed to be going to The Creggans Hotel, Strachur in beautiful Argyll (Google it!)just after Christmas, but the country roads made it impossible. Unfortunate, as I had promised the Lady of the House this break, but twas not to be, (and she had to do a bit more cooking than she expected!).

    We have our own business so do not re-open till Tuesday….thank goodness!

  6. It’s been cold here in London so I guess that it’s freezing there! I don’t mind if it’s sunny, and not windy, otherwise I’d rather not venture out. Stay warm!

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