Water, water, everywhere,….especially above!

I have always hated tunnels, especially those under water. I first came across this fear when I arrived in Glasgow and the Clyde Tunnel had just opened. The thought that, in the middle of the journey, and the lowest point of the tunnel, there was a massive amount of water above me made me hasten along when driving my motorbike.

I also went under the Mersey Tunnel several times, when the driver got lost coming out, and we ended back under a massive amount of water for another two transverses before we got out and onto the correct road.

I recently saw part of a programme about submariners, trapped in a metal tube for 3 months at a time! You wouldn’t even get me inside one in dry-dock!

Lady of the House has always wanted to go to Europe on the Eurostar express, and I have steadfastly refused, because of the above-mentioned phobia.

I think I’m fully-justified, given the news over the last few days!….What about you?

In fact, thinking of the possibility of  strikes on airlines, as well, I’ll maybe just stay at home!