A small advert….


Can I be slightly cheeky………I’m taking the chance to use this facility to tell you (at least those in the UK ) about a small national Charity which might be of interest to you.

As you may know, I have spent over 30 years working in the area of hearing impairment, and must soon be coming to my ‘Best-Before’ date! (I hasten to add, here, that if any of my patients read this…..I have NOT retired!)

Like anyone who has spent many decades within one field of endeavour, it is difficult to imagine the world without being there with at least some  influence, but the folks involved managed long before I was born and will, no doubt continue long after I and all my contemporaries are gone! But I certainly wish to continue to help folk by providing expertise as required….nothing really unusual about that!

One of the less-known, but no-less important, Charities is actually a recently-formed combination of two…Firstly…Hearing Concern, providing support at a local level over the UK to those individuals and family members who have acquired a hearing loss but use speech as their main form of communication, and require some help…… Secondly….The Link Organisation which provided concentrated residential care in Eastbourne, for groups or individuals who require concentrated help or counselling following deafness. They complement each other so well, that it is surprising that no-one thought of a merger, before now.

The new name is not terribly original….Hearing Concern Link…..nor is the webname, but it continues to provide much-needed services throughout the UK with a wonderful bunch of volunteers and a relatively-small staffing..   Give it a thought, or just have a look at the link below to see what a bunch of dedicated people can do to help those less fortunate .


P.S. and what about the picture at the top. Ot was of course Ludvig van Beethoven, who went deaf relatively-young, but still succeeded in producing great music until his death almost 200 years ago.