All change….

This weekend our world changed….

Our son, who has faithfully worked along with us in our business, through good times and bad for many years, has taken another very large step along a new career path, where he will be much cleverer than his Old Mum and Pop. This is not peculiar to us as most parents want to see their children well established in life.

We always hoped it might happen, we always knew it would happen,  and when it did happen we rejoiced with them. Daughter, many years ago, established herself in a profession to make most parents feel proud, and it has proved to be so. Son has taken longer, but no less thoughtfully.

It will be strange not having him to turn to for technical advice, but as our tenure in business is slowly coming to an end, we will just have to manage.

His genetic background is full of those who have taken risks in life with many who were self-employed and entrepreneurial in spirit and action, so he will no doubt have the same worries and disappointments as we have had over the last 26 years. But if he has as much fun and excitement as we have have had, then it will be worthwhile.

2 thoughts on “All change….

  1. Hi, Flighty….he will still be at the same house…about 10mins away….so no doubt he will still arrive at teatime or lunchtime to see what we are eating…., but hey, that’s how it should be!

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