Earlier this year I unfortunately had to make use of the Scottish Ambulance Service to take me to Glasgow Royal Infirmary after my little ‘medical event’.

I could not fault the professionalism nor the care I received, and of course I made a full recovery.

That was the end of that, I thought!…but no…… Last night I received a phone call from some survey team (company?) purporting to be speaking on behalf of the Scottish Ambulance Service. they wanted to question me on how I rated the Service. Besides the fact that I most certainly did not feel in any kind of mood at the time, to assess how they were carrying out their job, I was just not sure how to take this questioning.

I asked a supervisor how they had got my name and phone number and was told that they had been given it by the Ambulance Service. I said that I felt that this was a breach of confidentiality, and refused reluctantly to answer any questions.

Has anyone in scotland or elsewhere had any such experience such as this?  Mine may be an isolated event, but maybe not, so I would like some facts before approaching them about the secrecy which I would have expected from them.

P.S. I still think they did a good job that day!