One wonders why the NHS is in such a bad financial state with all the money poured into it.

Then a headline in the local newspaper tells us that over the last few months over thirty wheel-chairs have been stolen! They are provided within the foyer of the hospital to help those with mobility problems get to a car. So it would appear that those friends or relations who have come to collect the patient feel that it is their in-alienable right to purloin the said wheel-chair, fold it up and take it to the patient’s home!

Did no-one ever forsee this, or  did they not twig very quickly what was happening? It is possible to either modify these fold-away units or provide ones which are ‘fixed’. 

Do those who stole the chairs not realise that replacement of stolen units is depriving other departments of funding.

And we thought that this only happened with supermarket trolleys! I suppose it’s just as well that they are not motorised!

4 thoughts on “STOP…THIEF!

  1. Why is that some people think that every thing that is their to make life easier for the majority is actually just there for their taking! Makes my blood boil!

  2. I live in the USA and here being wheeled out of the hospital is routine (when you have a baby at least, but I think also for anyone who has had a major procedure). It’s not so much for you as it is to ensure you get out of the hospital safely so you don’t fall down and sue them. Anyway, they always have a staff member wheel you out, so since the staff member is right there and wheel the chair back, there is no opportunity for anyone to take the chair.

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