Flying high but waiting slowly?

airport waiting

Just back from a business trip using Gatwick Airport, and as usual, for an 80 minute trip, many hours have to be spent getting-to the airport, going thro security and waiting at lounges and gates. And despite so much going-on and people to be watched, airports and their journey are immensely-boring.

Can anyone tell me how they break the monotony?

6 thoughts on “Flying high but waiting slowly?

  1. People watching! I can kill many a monotonous hour people watching! I invent jobs and lives for them… I’d love to know if I was right.
    Hows about you shimmy on up to the advanced technology and get your self a pea-pod! hehe, of course I mean an eye pod… ‘erm I mean i-pod. See, got there in the end!

  2. I’m relieved that I no longer fly as all that waiting around would drive me up the wall!
    If I still did I would be reading Catch-22, Moby Dick or War and Peace in the vague hope that one monotony would cancel out the other!

  3. MP3 players. Once you’re through security etc. you can plug in and be in your own chosen world. Otherwise, a good book, or a laptop/notebook/netbook and listen again to BBC items you want to catch up on.

    • Hi Daff….you really need two people to play the game of people=watching, and challenging each other to invent the most outrageous story about the watched-people.

      The only problem with the misic in the ear stuff is that i would probably start singing, humming, or whistling, and that would probably clear the area!

      Flighty….when I think of the hundreds of hours I have sat about over the years……!

      The only prob about reading is that I might well get so engrossed that I might miss the screen changing, and would probably miss my flight!

      Menhir….same things apply here…..maybe I should try to give up flying, and getting bored in draughty coach- or train-stations!

  4. Lisa…..These are all women’s things!!…reading holiday novels, shopping, browsing….and chocolate!…help me out guys!
    …..anyway, if I people-watched too much I might get a slap in the face!

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