Good for him!

badminton rackets

My brother, who is (whisper it) 3 years younger than me and lives in Australia, has been awarded a silver medal in the 60+ Mens Singles at badminton in the World Masters Games. Good for him…maybe he didn’t have a mis-spent childhood after all!

Of course, the only reason I could not enter was that I don’t play badminton, and Australia is too far away!


3 thoughts on “Good for him!

  1. Thanks Flighty, I will pass-0n your congrats……And he has just let me know he has got a bronze in the mixed-doubles in Badminton….some guy!

  2. Really, ip the only reason you couldn’t play for Australia, is because you are not in it. You are here and of whatever nationality, but obviously not Australian. These are important factors.

    I won’t mention the whispered info, it doesn’t really matter as, I am sure you would have done it if you could have. 😉

    Well done bruv.

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