It should be called something else…………

nokia 6303

My old mobile phone has served me well for many years, but with the advent of a new car (with Bluetooth) being delivered in the next few days,  I was persuaded that perhaps I should move to the next technology step, so I now have a nice new shiny Nokia (not-just-a) phone.

Being a man, I of course immediately took it out of the box, and after charging it up, I started looking at the controls and pressing buttons. However this turned-out not just to be a simple phone, as it had about 2 million functions and combinations of what I could do with it!

It was therefore imperative that I study the supplied Instruction Manual. So I spent all yesterday evening wading through some 48 pages of small type giving me lots of sugestions as to how it would carry-out the multitude of functions I absolutely MUST use.

I have managed to exclude all the irrelevant buttons and get down to half-a-dozen operations I actually need. My next problem comes when the car is delivered, and I have to connect to the Bluetooth. Hopefully one of our offspring will be able to guide me through the minefield!

But why does someone not come out with a very, very, very, simple unit, which is just a phone?

3 thoughts on “It should be called something else…………

  1. Technical advancement just confuses me! I have a little Nokia that does not much more than ring. (Actually it’s the Laural & Hardy music – annoys everyone!) and take a picture and that does me fine. My kids have these buttony/functiony things. They listen to music, download songs, and my son even surfs on his! I’m happy with my ignorance and my little ringing and picture taking phone!

  2. Daffy…..For usage purposes, I love simple equipment, but from a scientific point of view, I am intrigued by the amount of technology which can be put into such a small space!….even if I don’t use it!

    Flighty….a VERY good reason!

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