Asleep at the wheel!


I’m sure that all of us at one time or another have had one of those ‘micro-sleeps’, when momentarily, on a long drive, we get tired, the eyes blink, and suddenly we realise we are a danger to ourselves and others.

Well, this is not about that!

I remember once travelling on a small car-ferry on a 25 min journey which I had done many times. I was tired so just stayed sitting at the wheel. A thick fog came down and I couldn’t have seen anything anyway. I fell asleep until there was a gentle bump as we berthed on the other side. Of course, I suddenly woke, looked out of the windscreen into a thick fog, imagined I was driving, and jammed on the brakes, terrified! It was only then that I realised I was perfectly still and safe!

This weekend Lady of the House, and I, have travelled quite a few hundred miles around the Lake District, and the Yorkshire Dales. We had been out one evening for a lovely meal and were returning , in the deeping gloom, to the farmhouse where we were staying. Classic FM was on and we were listening to a favourite piece, so we decided to sit in the farmyard, with the engine on and lights off until the piece was finished.

We must have been very comfortable sitting in this balmy situation and obviously both fell asleep for about 20 minutes! Goodness knows what anyone driving into the yard would have thought!

Have you ever fallen asleep, and wakened in a strange situation?