santa with reindeer

Santa is alive and well,  I can report!….can Christmas now be far behind?

At least he is (in chocolate form), at a Sainsbury store in the West of Scotland, where we went shopping tonight. Can I hear the distant tinkle of reindeer bells, and the smell of real Christmas trees? …Of course not, let’s not be silly…..that’s probably being prepared for next week!

Can you beat that?

4 thoughts on “Al…..ready?

  1. Christmas stuff was in Costco already a few weeks back.

    It is tremendously silly: we still have Halloween to get through! (And our friends across the pond have Halloween and Thanksgiving still to go. *g*)

  2. Almost. Since August I have received three catalogues, 2 different ones from the same company with Xmassy things including a seasonal gift wrap service for certain goods.

    Locally, we’ve had Advent calendars out and about for two or three weeks, spiced chocolate biscuits, three varieties, and choc liqueurs.

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