pig on a bike

Daughter is a member of Her Majesty’s Police Force…and when not on duty, she is actually quite a nice gentle person!

This weekend, she is the only WPC taking part on Saturday 5th Sept in a cycle ride from Edinburgh to Glasgow. It is some 65 miles, starting at Edinburgh Quay, and ending in Glasgow City Centre, via the towpaths of the Union Canal and the Forth and Clyde Canal.

Donations and sponsorship will be divided equally between two charities:-

………….Erskine was set-up in 1916 to care for the wounded returning from WW1, and still cares for those returning from the present conflicts, and

………….The Moira Fund which was founded by family, friends, and colleagues, in memory of Moira Jones, who was murdered in Queen’s Park, Glasgow in May 2008. It will make grants to individuals who have been bereaved through violent death, to provide specialist bereavement counselling, access to respite and retreats, and a support network.

Two wonderful charities who deserve our help so if you have not already contributed give it a thought. You can get more details on the appropriate websites, or donate directly….

GOOD LUCK, FOLKS….hope the legs (andbottoms) hold up OK!!!!

5 thoughts on “Life-cycle

  1. There were specialist services for survivors of those who died violently (whatever means) in London and other English locations 40 years ago. Some were based in community clinics others were housed in hospital departments, and I may say, still are. The community ones have had a bit of a hammering with cut-backs, contractions and so on, plus, finding people who really do want to work in this distressing area of support.

    Scotland, has been behind on so many areas of specialist people services; whether it has been a cultural neglect and because of location, I am not sure. There is a kind of ‘catch-up’ taking hold as awareness and acceptance of the necessity for these specialised services gathers pace.

    It is horrendously expensive for a specialist to train and over more years than I care to think about. The training cost alone deselects a swathe of possible candidates from pursuing courses because many good people, would not have the financial back-up from families. Their personal costs and very high debts have to be recouped through private work. Until some of these issues are addressed – who knows when, there will not be a reasonable share of expertise available for people, because they probably would be too poor to pay the fees for the service they need. The other issue is, of course, having a cohort of experts available to help. It is circular, as is said, ‘catch 22’

    Fund-raising will assist in a small way, some better than none, but it will not, I am afraid, do what we all hope for. That is, of course, specialist people services that can be accessed by all (not just urban dwellers or those within close reach) who are assessed to need it. Assessment shouldn’t be difficult, the particular cases you are supporting, refer themselves by virtue of the event.

  2. Whatever the reasoning, the fact that a number of people will raise a sum of money must help. I don’t know the final figure, but it appears that my daughter alone has raised about £500….not bad! Once the final figure is known, I will post it.

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