A serial cereal eater!

bowl of cereal

We must come clean……it had to  come out….we have an addict in the family!

Lady of the House likes a very regular breakfast…prunes, or other fruit (that’s why it is called ‘regular’), followed by a small amount of cereal, and a cup of tea.  Nothing unusual about that, you say!

………but the worry lies within that short paragraph!

I think she must have shares in one of the companies, or a predeliction for the taste of a certain grain from which the cereal is made.

I refer (whisper it) to cinnamon…….she always has to have what used to be known as ‘Cinnamon Grahams’, but the name has now been changed to the strange ‘Curiously Cinnamon’.

So the kitchen smells of cinnamon, we recycle lots of cinnamon-smelling cartons, and every time we are at the super-market for shopping there always has to be a cinnamon cereal thrown into the trolley!

So what’s the attraction? Is she alone in the world with this addiction? Is there a Cinnamon Anonymous where help can be sought and given? Is there a Cinnamon Monthly, where forums can discuss the relative merits of different manufacturers? Is there a helpline in anyone’s phone directory? Does anyone know of a closet website? Is there likely to be a world shortage if this really catches on?

And I haven’t even thought about any possible withdrawal symptoms if the need to cease munching comes to the fore. Will the NHS provide alternatives which can be used to help at this time? Would patches be better than eating some paper-based placebo?

PLEASE….is anyone out there with the same problem, or must we face the dire consequences alone?…..replies on a cereal packet please, or just reply in the Comments section. Your secret will be kept confidential, I promise!

5 thoughts on “A serial cereal eater!

  1. I must admit I find the smell of cinnamon addictive, it’s so sweet and exotic almost! I love those scented candles…not for breakfast though but for the scent. There is nothing nicer than coming home to the familiar smell wafting around the rooms. :o)
    Don’t worry about the addiction though… I’m sure it’s a safe one!
    I found this (safe) site that might be of interest… not all addictions are bad!


    • I’m sure the Lady will be comforted by the knowledge that there are others out there with the same cravings but in other forms…..maybe I could try some shavings of the candles over her cornflakes as it maybe achieves the same results for her!

  2. We find Cinnamon candles to be a lovely wintertime treat – tho not with milk at breakfast – not sure I quite appreciate their aroma in the summertime tho. Guess it must be the link with mulled wine or something.
    Good to find your blog Irishpisky – thank you for visiting – have a good weekend.

    • Oh dear, ChickPea….you’ve opened another ‘can of worms’, with mentioning the mulled wine! I’d hoped to keep her mind off that! Now she’ll be hunting through the cupboard for that bottle we bought before last Christmas and never used. LOL!

  3. Hopped over from your comment on blethers (thanks!) – breakfast is, I think, a meal well-suited to regular habits, with or without the prunes. As well as prunes, I insist on small quantities of All Bran and the wonderful muesli from our health store, with a sprinkling of linseeds, a dollop of bio-yogurt and some soya milk. Mind you, I also insist on orange juice, toast and Vegemite, an oatcake and home-made marmalade and three cups of tea! (And that’s why I have to swim half a mile before breakfast…)

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