Not as clever as he thought!

carpet fitter

We are moving into the last phase (I hope!) of extensive work in the house. ‘Not before time!’ exclaims the Lady of the House!

Last night we lifted the carpet and underlay in the living room, and hopefully today the carpet man will phone to say he is on his way to put down the new carpet.

However back to last night….sitting on the bare floorboards was a visiting card from the last carpet installer, proclaiming his expertise and obviously hoping for more work.

Did no-one tell him that one normally goes to the carpet-supplier, gets the room measured, agrees the design and price, arranges the installation date……..and only then is the old carpet lifted! So by the time  we find his card, all is organised! Unfortunately his marketing strategy can’t really succeed!

Do you know of any such ‘might have been’ marketing failures?

3 thoughts on “Not as clever as he thought!

  1. Congratulations on being nearly finished and hopefully by now your new carpet is in! Finding the business card under the carpet is pretty funny ~ and you’re right, not a great marketing strategy! I can’t think of anything similar at the moment, but enjoyed the story!

  2. Hi, folks….indeed the carpet is down (and covered with spare bits of carpet to protect the main carpet), the new floors laid, the newly-plastered walls painted, bits of skirting replaced, and new wall decorations installed,

    Only three problems………… I’m now depleted in the financial stakes, I’m shattered, and thirdly there seem to be plans afoot to do the other rooms of the house as ‘they look rather tatty compared to what has been done’.

    Ye Gods!….Is there any rest?

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