Why go abroad?


Lady of the House, and I have just returned from a marvellous weekend …and under 3 hours by car! I have blogged before about Northumberland, the wonderful scenery, and the endless stretches of empty sands.

This time we stayed at the miniature port of Craster, with a tremendous view over the harbour both from the bedroom and dining-room of our lovely little Bed and Breakfast. ‘Harbour Lights’ looks over the port and is within sniffing distance of the famous Craster Kipper Smokehouse.

Mine host and hostess were in education and both retired to this little haven of tranquility…..so the kiddies’  loss is the tourists’ gain.

But with the wonderful weather we went off to see the massive National Trust property, Cragside House, Gardens and Grounds, with a seven-mile drive round. It had been built by a Lord Armstrong who was a very successful engineer, and who had put electricity into the house using water power. A full-day visit, which includes a labyrinth.

Barter Books is a great place for book-lovers. It is a second-hand bookshop par excellence, and is built in what had been the old railway station for Alnwick.

It’s amazing what you can do in a few days in one small corner of England!!

To relive our weekend, and get some more details about the above, click on…   www.harbourlightscraster.co.uk 




10 thoughts on “Why go abroad?

  1. We’re very lucky, in that the UK is very small but very diverse, and I think this is really the source of where Eden was…..with maybe Flighty as the gardener!

  2. sounds lovely…i love that the uk is so old–so historically rich–i must get there to do some proper touring soon. my husband doesn’t fly and i don’t sail so going abroad is a bit of a challenge for us. 🙂

    • How in heaven’s name do you get anywhere….i know you like driving about, but civilisation is going to have to invent some unique transport for the two of you!……now if only you had know all this when you first met….what would have happened?

  3. This post brought back some lovely memories of a similar holiday we had a few years ago. We stayed in a cottage but visited the same sites. It’s a lovely area and I’d love to go back.

  4. We love the Northumberland coast and have just returned from a site near Embleton which is just up the road from Craster. Wonderful area

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