In Service ….together

Last Sunday night we attended an Ordination at an Episcopal church where we used to attend. This is a service when someone who has been studying for the priesthood over a number of years, is admitted to what is curiously called the Order of Presbyters. This is a fancy word for minister, in the Episcopal Church, and in the New Testament it was a synonym for Bishop, meaning a local leader in the early Church. Curiously it also means a teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church.

Whatever, the lady in question has been known by us for about 30 years, and in front of a packed Church made her vows.

The Bishop in his short talk indicated that this was not only important in the life of the local Church but in the whole local community, which was well-represented by all the local churches and clergy. So thank goodness that sectarianism is not a problem in this area.

On a broader spectrum is is very pleasing to see that the ‘Irish question’, if not solved in a truly-political way to some, seems at least to be lessening as an aggressive force for suffering and evil, and we may eventually see the genuine friendship and handshakes we witnessed last weekend, on a beautiful Summer evening, in a small church in the west of Scotland.

…….Now if we could only see it world-wide….

One thought on “In Service ….together

  1. What a lovely spot ~ and a delightful holiday. Thanks for sharing it and providing the links so that we could go on a mini-vacation as well 🙂

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