Another death…..

A death has been reported…..not Michael Jackson….but a young child only a few months old, brutally killed by a 15 year old baby sitter… and yet the position within the order of news is perhaps some indication of how little we (or the media) feel about such an event. Or is it because we are so used to hearing it, just like the stabbings of young men in London.?

Jackson made a lot of money, and achieved a lot of power in his life. How he decided to use this was up to him. On the other hand, the little child never stood a chance in his brief existence.

I don’t know how we bring back a sense of revulsion about such murders and find a way to prevent them, but perhaps we have to re-assess how we value life.

The death of a celebrity may or may not prove important in the long-run, but if we continue to accept murder of innocent children with no effective way to deal with the perpetrators, then our civilisation is doomed.

3 thoughts on “Another death…..

  1. Its just awful isnt it. I think the hype about MJ is just down to the fans and the fact that its America.
    I cant bear to watch the children on the news that have been hurt. I just cant understand why someone would do it. It breaks my heart.

  2. We have unfortunately ‘boxed ourselves in’ about proper punishment for those who cause bodily harm or even death to another human being. We can lock away a financial swindedler for 125 years but a child-murderer may only get a few years.

    Fortunately we can protect our own property by inflicting a necessary balanced physical response, but then after a culprit has been caught, the law is pretty helpless…..daft!

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