Up, up, and away….almost!

 mongolfier balloon

Today was supposed to see Daughter (birthday present) and Lady of the House on a hot-air-balloon trip from Falkland Palace in Fife. We had a pleasant drive over to this beautiful countryside and had a meal with old friends. However the flight was was diverted at the last moment to Perth, and so we had a mad dash to be there…..only to arrive and discover that the flight had been cancelled because the wind was 10 miles/hour!

The limit is 8 miles/hour, so a 150 miles round-trip and meal costs have been wasted. I wonder if the Mongolfier Brothers were held up because of a difference of 2 miles/hour, or are we seeing the safety culture going to silly levels. Surely part of the thrill of such a flight is the adrenaline rush!

If you are considering getting involved in such an event be prepared for a disappointment.

………….Let’s hope a re-booked flight is not called-off.