grass with daisies

I usually like my lawn neatly cut, as it contrasts well with my ‘wilderness’ borders. However a couple of weeks ago I loaned my lawn-mower to Son, for his extremely-large grass area, and so my lawn went uncut! 

Good sun with the occasional light shower provided perfect growing conditions. I was intrigued by the number of daisies, buttercups and various grasses which appeared rapidly…..they were actually quite pretty. There was a total difference between the morning scene when the blooms were all shut, and it all looked a bit dull….but when the sun appeared, suddenly they all turned towards it and opened up to provide flashes of white and yellow….a glorious sight. It took us back to visits to Austria, where great swathes of countryside were left to produce wonderful areas of natural habitat.

So maybe, just occasionally, you should leave things to nature!