Another Good Man Gone!

We’ve just lost a good friend to a brain tumour. He was only about 52, and we got to know him when he came to join my choir. He showed an immense talent for music composition, keyboard skills and a wonderful sense of humour through even the dark days. He also came over as very thoughtful, caring and non-complaining.

He had looked forward to going to Ballachulish, Argyll in March to join in Evensong. His health had badly deteriorated, and we were very unsure about whether it was wise for him to go. If anything had happened while up there, the distance to a suitable hospital would have proved catastrophic, and we might have carried this in our mind for many a long year.

My final opinion was sought, and I had to say YES, as I could never have forgiven myself if I has said NO. In the event, two members very kindly looked after him over the weekend and he thoroughly enjoyed it. It was his last major event outside his hospital and hospice.

So, ‘CARPE DIEM’…..never let an opportunity of any kind go by….you may never get the chance again!

3 thoughts on “Another Good Man Gone!

  1. It’s sad when that happens. I’ve twice lost friends, who were younger than myself, in simliar circumstances. What you say at the end of the post is so true.

  2. What a Fortunate Fellow to have so many Fine Friends around and willing to assist his enjoyment of life. He must have been so proud of you all.

    Thank you for visiting – you have enabled me to return the compliment – and a Fine Find too – Thank You !

    • Flighty…….A nephew of ours at about 34 has had a tumour operated on, and still to go back for more operations. We also know of a young boy about 6 with a similar tumour….what sense is there in this?

      ChickPea……’One could do no other’ to borrow a famous phrase.

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