50 things you don’t really need to know about me!

open book

It seems to be the ‘in’ thing nowadays, to self-analyse oneself and then present a open-book…but these are not in any particular order of importance!

  1. Born near Lisburn, Northern Ireland in 1945….yes, a baby-boomer!
  2. My High School was the house which belonged to Sir Richard Wallace
  3. An ancestor of mine, (we share the same name, was hanged in the town square where I was born
  4. Some of my teachers told me I would end up the same, if I didn’t behave!
  5. I’ve worn glasses since about 14….and still hate wearing them!
  6. I started growing a beard in my late teens and it has never left me.
  7. Came to Scotland in 1962, when my father was transferred from BBC Belfast to BBC Glasgow
  8. Met my wife-to-be, a Scots lassie, on the street, when her father’s car had a puncture.
  9. Joyfully married to her for almost 42 years.
  10. Have two marvellous, caring, grown-up children.
  11. I used to smoke the pipe, but gave it up on the request of my young son, who said he ‘did not like the smell’.
  12. Have never fallen-out with our neighbours of over 30 years.
  13. We live in the shadow of the beautiful Campsie Fells.
  14. I cannot do the Rubik’s Cube.
  15. I am right-handed but my ‘grip on a cricket bat, golf club, or hockey stich, is left handed.
  16. I can play tennis with my left hand…but no better than with my right hand!
  17. I used to enjoy cycling but I now have to start practising again, for my retirement
  18. Enjoy Sudoku and cryptic, and skeleton crosswords.
  19. Grew up in the country so love all things rural.
  20. I adore the smell of newly-cut  grass and new-mown hay.
  21. Cannot stand crowds and shopping!
  22. I adore languages…favourite is Italian.
  23. I once tried to learn Esperanto, but found no-one else who spoke it!
  24. Music is a great love…organ, piano, composing and choirs.
  25. Making music along with other people is best.
  26. I was taught the clarinet by a retired Band-Master of the Gurkhas…Major Ben Bently….he failed!
  27. Favourite classical composer for orchestra….probably Beethoven, or Mozart.
  28. Favourite modern composer for orchestra…..not yet sure, maybe Ravel or Stravinsky.
  29. Favourite classical composer for choral works…….too many!
  30. Favourite modern composer for choral works….John Rutter…definitely!
  31. Most emotional musical…..Les Miserables
  32. Favourite food is probably pasta.
  33. Favourite country is Italy….followed closely by Croatia.
  34. Most memorable sight….sailing into Venice one sunny morning.
  35. Saddest view………………sailing out of Venice that evening
  36. Most spectacular countryside view…..overlooking Wolfgangsee from the Mozart Blick, in Austria.
  37. Favourite author, when I get the chance to read…Bill Bryson.
  38. Worst regret is that I did not practise harder at piano and organ.
  39. First played the piano in public at the age of 11…..it was a little time before I was asked again!
  40. Enjoyed studying Pure and Applied Physics.
  41. I still occasionally see the Lecturer who taught me everything I’ve forgotten about thermo-dynamics!
  42. Designed sound and inductive loop systems for literally hundreds of buildings, including Dunblane Cathedral, Iona Abbey, and the Queen’s Church at Crathie.
  43. Went on to study and qualify in hearing aid audiology
  44. Have had our own family businness since 1984
  45. Have fitted hearing aids to some famous politicians and entertainers
  46. I like company and going out for meals….
  47. ……………because I CANNOT COOK!
  48. Prefer good strong East European red wines to almost any white wines.
  49. ……..but beginning to like Chardonnay!
  50. Unachieved ambition….to visit Petra….’a rose-red city, half as old as time’.

6 thoughts on “50 things you don’t really need to know about me!

  1. almost 50 things! i could never come up with a list…but i like that your favorite food is pasta and that you go out to eat because you can’t cook! 🙂 i like this idea…but can’t steal it because i can’t think up 5 things, let alone 50.

    curly wurly gurly

  2. Thanks for sharing such an interesting list which I enjoyed reading ~ it must have been fun choosing them as one thought fostered another…did the list just flow, or did you have to do a lot of thinking and editing? Love # 7!

    I hadn’t realized you’d found Scotland in the Gloaming from my blog until I was reading back through your entries, but I’m so glad you did! Aren’t the photos striking? I was born in Carlisle ~ so I’m often looking at scenes from close to ‘home’. I’ve recently come across the word ‘hireath’ ~ are you familiar with it?

  3. A friend of ours did a ‘One Hundred Things…..’ on his blog, and it proved very interesting as he dragged-up facts which seemed very unlikely, but gave us another insight into who he was.

    Nat…..why not start oneand keep it in your Draft box, and add one or two every day…or even ask your friends what should be included….it’s actually quite good fun!

    Glo…..it sort of ‘growed like Topsy’. The Gloaming is a superb site and proves the value of the internet…great!…as to hireath…..haven’t the foggiest!…Please update me!

  4. Fraggle…..use my list as a template and see what you come up with from the female perspective! The other way is to get your friends to submit a few ideas about you and add to the list evry time you have an idea.

  5. First off, I spelled it wrong…it is hiraeth. I think it is Gaelic, and pronounced hearrr (rolling r’s)eye-th. Although there is no direct translation into English, it seems to be a deep longing for home, or a yearning that’s felt deep inside. I know so many people who have left ‘home’, and feel that poignant sense of loss. Hiraeth seems to be used by the Welsh from what I have gleaned online. I was wondering if you knew the word from your Irish background and since you are now living in Scotland, however if it is Welsh, that could explain why you weren’t familiar with it. Sorry for going on and on, but I really like the fact that there’s a word for something that is indeed hard to define!

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