Have a guess…



Those who get comments from me may have noticed that the above picture now replaces the christmas wreath (I am really quite slow at all this!). Any guesses as to what it is? 

It’s not terribly difficult!

7 thoughts on “Have a guess…

  1. Thanks…Flighty…..you’re too quick! I have re-named it in the pictures file and reloaded it, so let’s please keep it a secret, and see who else might know it. We have had perfect gardening weather here just now, so shed repainted.

  2. Dear Fraggle…..ch’ears all round for Robin. He is correct. This is a perfect example of an un-damaged eardrum……it is what I hope to see every day at my work….exciting isn’t it! The bit hanging down is the first one of the bones of the middle ear (remember the ‘hammer, anvil and stirrup from school days?), and the light is the reflection from the examining light.

    Watch out for next week’s exciting installment of ‘around the body!

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