I’ve recently appeared twice in the press. I’m afraid it was not in the big nationals, or even Hello magazine. And I am glad it isn’t in the Obituary section! No, the reports and quotations were to do with my great little choir Angelus Singers.

It followed our appearance at one of the churches in Ballachulish near Glencoe (see a previous blog).  The local press there (The Oban Times ) published a very large colourful photo with a two line report….I think they were trying to fill a lot of space! Our local paper here (the Kirkintilloch Herald) has just published a small black-and-white photo with a quite extensive report, …..I think they also were trying to fill up non-used advertising space! Several copies have been purchased for some reason, by the Lady of the House!

Have you e ver cringed at, or been proud of, any references to you in the Press…..come on spill the beans!

9 thoughts on “STOP PRESS!

  1. I was in the sun newspaper, when asda refused to make my special needs son a birthday cake with a picture of david tennants face on.The store said I needed a letter off the dr who actor with his permission and a phone no so they could check it was not a fake letter,the cake was due at a party a few hours later.I rang up the sun and asked if they had the actors agents no and explain the problem, they sorted it out with one of their own copywrite pics and had a cake made and rushed it to the party. it’s in the sun newspaper archives under robin asda have a cake.

  2. Fraggle…..good you were able to use the power of the press for good!

    Flighty…. I wouldn’t let it worry you….I don’t expect to be in the press again….hope I can stay out of it!

    D/D….such a short comment!….not like you at all! (LOL!)

  3. yee-haw on making the big time! what’s next? london times? chicago tribune?!?!

    as for moi…i made the paper twice as a kid. and that’s about it. i guess i’m not that notable. haha.

  4. CWG….I will obviously have to speak to my agent about all this new-found fame! I feel the pressure already building up, so why not let someone else take the flak from all the potential TV and chat-show appearances!…maybe Oprah beckons round the corner!….and then there is syndication to be considered!…..where does it all end! Never mind I will always remember my blogging friends when I become really famous and willinstruct my speech- writer to be careful to mention you all when he (or she)does my ghost blogging. (LOL)

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