Now…there’s beauty!


If anyone has lingering doubts about visiting Scotland, have a look at  Got the link via …..thanks

5 thoughts on “Now…there’s beauty!

  1. I saw an entry from you yesterday and it disappeared!
    Should I start singing to you…
    When I get older, losing my hair…. ;o)
    I don’t need no blog to tell me about Scotland! I love it… (execpt the midges… not so keen on them!)
    Belated Birthday Greetings to you!

  2. Just noticed you did post the birthday one! It was on my google reader yesterday but when I came to comment is was gone! *gasp*
    Ok… so I’m not totally mad!

  3. Just keeping you on your toes….had taken it off to leave more space for the Skye one….then put it back on. maybe I should start doing this more often, just to confuse people!…….midges?….didn’t see any at all!

  4. That’s because I ate them all when I was there! (by accident of course!) hahahah
    Really IP, many happy returns! Did you like the singing… (be kind)

  5. That’s a terrific site which I’ve been looking at now and again since Glo added it to her blogroll.
    Your missing post confused me as well! Anyway belated birthday greetings!

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