Seven ages of man..


Aaaarrrrrgh!………………….I’ve just passed another birthday..

1/2 of 128

2 x 32

4 x 16

8 squared

4 cubed

2 to the power 6

…………take your pick, or work it out for yourself!….I just can’t bear to say it!

6 thoughts on “Seven ages of man..

  1. gads, i always hated math…it took me several seconds to figure out that you’re finally the age paul mccartney sang about all those years ago. hope it was happy and that you have a wonderful year! and yes, we’ll still need you and feed you when you’re 64.

  2. Thanks folks…..I think we all have an age at which we stop…or think we stop. I used to carry around a photo taken when I joined the Youth Hostel Association at 16! However I have now got rid of it. Unfortunately I have to have a new photo taken every year for my professional registration….that’s when you see age creeping up!
    cwg….I get discounts everywhere!….I have looked this age for years!

  3. Happy Birthday! Isn’t it strange how the body ages, but the mind stays the same? I remember my grandmother telling me years ago/ she was in her mid-80s- she said I may look old, christy, but I still feel 18 inside.

  4. DD….you’re right, but even worse, I was at one of our professional meetings yesterday….and they all looked to me for guidance, as i was the oldest there!

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