An Honourable Member?


We have been involved with a couple of politicians over the fast few days. They were different in every way; one is a middle-aged male local councillor whom some would say has a reputation for using his physical presence , incisive questioning, and vocal power to get things done; the other is Westminster’s youngest lady MP, demure, quietly-spoken, inclined to listen a lot, with a disarming smile.

The first was chairing a meeting on the effect of various roadworks on our local economy. During it all he defended the office-bearers and paid members of the local Council, and he also accepted that he as one of the elected councillors must take the rap for any gross errors. Now why can’t others be prepared to make that statement….and maybe a few Bank Directors and Chairmen!!

The young lady MP in question was on a fact-finding mission, visiting our two shops (amongst other places) this morning. Son has known her during his political dalliances. They had not met for some years but she still remembered his name and even where he lived. She showed a genuine interest in our businesses and asked intelligent questions. She had a good knowledge of life in general but it was still amazing to think that as Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, she might be responsible for such a tremendous responsibility come the next election!. It was a thoroughly-enjoyable meeting and I hope she took away a number of opinions which might help to mould her future thinking!

So, two quite different politicians from different parties,who, in their own way, have a passion about politics……but, I believe, for the benefit of their electors….who are after all paying the piper!

More power to their political elbow!

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