Good Gracious!

I had to attend a meeting on Saturday in Stansted regarding my profession of audiology. Like many others we can only keep our licence to practice, by acquiring a number of ‘points’ . These indicate that we are keeping ourselves up-to-date with current ‘best practice’.

They canĀ sometimes be no better than social events, but this one actually proved very good. The final speaker was from a charity called Hearing Concern, on the south coast of England, and was given by someone of whom I had never heard. However, I occasionally detected a slight intonation or phrase from my home country Northern Ireland. I was just about able to say the county from which it came, and then the thought would be ‘Maybe it’s just my imagination.’ There had been some questions and answers at the end, in which I participated.

She came over to speak to me afterwards, and it was then thatĀ I asked her where the accent was from. ‘I was just going to ask you the same question’ she said. It turned out that we were both from Lisburn near Belfast; both went to the same small High School; knew manyof the same teachers, despite a 9 year difference, and she lived very close to where my folks had lived!

Some co-incidence!