A doubt in the mind…..


For those of you who have nothing better to do, you may remember that I had a little ‘medical event’ a couple of weeks ago,which we all originally agreed was probably labrynthitis (a viral infection of the balance mechanism in the inner ear).

Both I  and the consultant  had a nagging doubt that it was not that, as I felt I didn’t have all the normal symptoms which manifest themselves. There was obviously no suspicious problem in the brain (that’s not what some people say!) as the CT scan proved clear. But we all do like having such occurrences named definitively don’t we?

Lady of the House spent some time exploring the Internet and, good for her, she found what was a  more-likely reason. Having read several relevant papers and my modern text books, it does seem to fit better with my symptoms. It is often mistaken for labrynthitis, and it is only relatively-recently documented to any extent. I can therefore not hold any criticism of my receiving consultant.

Viral  vestibular neuritis (as it is wonderfully called) is an infection of the vestibular nerve, often appearing after a persistent upper respiratory infection (as in my case) and can disappear very quickly (as in my case) or dribble on for a few weeks. It is also unlikely to return….

So you can see I am a lot more re-assured, and have proved that you can learn something every day!

4 thoughts on “A doubt in the mind…..

  1. Well I’m glad you are on the road to recovery. I spend far too learn learning new things concerning health. I imagine I have everything from athletes foot to shingles!
    It’s rather amazing that we have this amount of knowledge at our fingertips now though isn’t it.

  2. it’s it sad when we have to do our own research and diagnosis without getting to wear the cute white lab jacket with our name embroidered on it?

    with my dad, we often go online to research medicines he’s prescribed and to look up side effects. the internet is a great tool–if it’s used responsibly.

  3. Daffy……we have a Scottish paper, the Sunday Post, which features a column called ‘From the Doc’. Lady of the House invariably reads this, and within a few days, the symptoms described therein, sometimes mysteriously appear!….is it like that with you?

    Natalie…..it is a great tool,and I use it myself, after a patient has gone of course(!) to check other possibilities.

    Lisa…..never felt better!…..nice to get the once-over now and again!

    Thanks for your concern folks…

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