Back to work tomorrow!…hooray


A week after my medical ‘event’ I feel ready to get back to work. It’s a strange feeling…..being off for a week, ill, for the first time in 25 years. I must be frank; for the first few days I gave the businesses no consideration at all…..things are quiet anyway, but we are lucky with the folk who work with us as they are perfectly capable and so as the week went on, I was able to stay relaxed about it.

It became a feeling of  ‘so this is what retirement is like!’  But of course it wasn’t. It was not a situation of our choosing, and there was uncertainty of the medical future. On the plus side, the clock became less important and we were able to establish a very simple routine…….

GP says he sees no reason why I can’t drive if I feel OK, which contrasts with the Consultant who said I should refrain for four weeks! So what to do? Perhaps I should only drive on alternate days, or drive on a journey one way and let the Lady of the House drive on the return journey?

Despite what I said in my previous blog, I have nothing but admiration for the medical staff. Non-judgemental, they had to deal with a 12 hour shift, swearing, bad manners, alcoholics, soiled beds, all with a calmness I would find difficult to maintain. They were always ready to help in even a small way, such as getting me a glass of water. So, if any of you are watching…. many thanks.

Cleaning and hygiene within the ward have exceeded all expectation and again have to commend all those responsible.

So for a couple of hours each day, I will slowly pick-up the threads again, and hopefully lay the ghost to rest…..and be thankful that the body systems have not taken a major jolt… thanks to all who asked after my health.

4 thoughts on “Back to work tomorrow!…hooray

  1. i’m happy to hear that you’re feeling better. nothing like a little ‘jolt’ to make us reevaluate what’s important and remind us not to take our good health for granted.

    all the best for a continued recovery.

  2. Thanks, all…..still feeling a bit ‘seedy’…..lovely word, isn’t it? Letting the Lady of the House drive me about, but I have not mentioned the phrase ‘man-cold’ yet!

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