‘The patient spent a quiet night’


…..like heck he did!
I had to go into hospital unexpectedly, recently and spent the night in the receiving ward. Unfortunately, it is also probably the most noisy. Oxygen pumps, bleeping monitors, ringing phones, talking nurses, clattering heels in the corridors, coughing, snoring, and other physiological noises all contribute to a ‘background’ which makes it very difficult to get any kind of sleep or rest.

So I was glad when I was allowed to go home at teatime the next day….for a bit of peace and quiet. So I have slept on and off today.

No work for a week nor driving for a month have made life a bit of a problem, but maybe it will give me a taste of retirment! I might also get a bit more blogging done!

6 thoughts on “‘The patient spent a quiet night’

  1. Fraggle….thanks for your concern. It could have been muchworse….I collapsed at the wheel of my car coming back from Church, and managed to pull into the side of the road. Luckily I realised what was happening….labrynthitis is a viral infection of the inner ear (and audiology is my profession). It will take some time before we can establish if it will occur again soon, which is why no driving!

  2. Ohhh… trips to the hospital are never fun. My father in law just recently got admitted but had to stay in emergency (receiving ward I think?) for 4 days because there were no beds on the floor he needed. We brought him noise cancelling head phones to help with the back ground noise you describe.

    Hope you feel better soon!!!!

  3. CWG…..it was a bit scary as I was aware of what was happening, and could do nothing much to stop it. However i am under stict instructions from Lady of the House, and Daughter, to REST. Not easy for me!
    B/T…..wish I had got these. I was surprised how some loud-mouthed yobs (not young can make so much noise and get so much attention, whilst the rest of us just sit quietly!
    …….anyway, let’s see how impatient I am to get back to work next Monday!
    ………..thanks both for your concern

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