Re-cycled music!


On one of my other blogs ( click on the ANGELUS SINGERS Blogroll link) I happened to be describing the life story of John Stainer, a marvellous and famous English organist and composer. He is probably best known for his oratorio ‘Crucifixion’. I had mentioned that many decades ago, I had conducted this piece with a choir who mostly used Tonic Solfa (a way of reading music). This method is rarely, if ever, used now-a-days.

Someone e-mailed me to say that they had googled to try and find out if there were any of these copies still in existence. A member of the Royal School of Church Music was going to South Africa, and wanted to teach the piece to people who had no access to normal staff music. Luckily I was able to contact my old church, speak to one of my old choir members and establish that indeed those same copies were still in the music cupboard.

They are now on their way to South Africa to be re-used some 4 decades later……the internet is wonderful!

3 thoughts on “Re-cycled music!

  1. wow that is brilliant and yes it is amazing what you can find on the internet. x
    BTW that link to your other blog didnt work for me.

  2. CWG and FAB….yes it is a nice story…..and I don’t know why there is a prob with the link. You can see my other blog by clicking on the Angelus Singers link on the Blogroll….

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