Kalt und Warme!


Lady of the House and I have just returned from a break in the tremendous heat of Tenerife (in the Canary Islands for the geographically- ignorant). Even as we approached the west of Scotland, there was a nip in the cabin air, and when the air-bridge was opened (after we had landed of course) one’s lungs were suddenly subject to the sudden shock of dropping from 24C to something approaching 0c.

The usual long wait for luggage allowed some adaptation to our ‘normal’ temperatures, and even the warmth of Daughter’s welcome could not hide the fact that we were in a different world again!

Adeje has a number of very nice hotels (and ours was no exception), and attracted a great variety of nations. I have always loved using different languages although I must say that Italian is my favourite. This time, however, German was the main language to be heard, with some French, Dutch and Flemish.

Many of the younger Europeans about now seem to have excellent English, but it was still evident that the vast majority of Brits do not speak a foreign language beyond the few words from a phrase book.

At the New Year Party we were grouped with Germans (our looks, or my slight corporation may have been responsible for this) and spending a long, noisy evening chattering in a foreign language is very tiring. However we all seemed to understand each other better, as the alcohol flowed. So perhaps this is a preferable way to understand foreigners than going to boring night-classes or reading boring text-books!