Look for the hidden gem

One of the downsides about living in beautiful countryside, with beautiful places to which we can travel is that we very often miss places we drive through or pass many times, without visiting.

One of our lovely runs is to Oban or over the Connel Bridge. This first area is well-visited by the coach tours and in itself is quite an attractive town and also can lead you on to Mull and Iona. The Connel Bridge takes you to Rob Roy country and on to Glencoe.

Connel itself is a pretty village with lovely views across water, and a gorgeous church dedicated to St Oran. (the header is an interior view) We were priveledged to visit there recently and look inside a building I had passed many times. It is of cool grey stone  with flecks which sparkle in the sunlight, giving it an almost-translucent air, and is based on the shape of Iona Abbey, with a square tower. The Minister is a very competent organist and the Church is well known locally for its music.

So, sometimes, it is worth stopping in life to admire what we are passing, and not just seek some ultimate goal. Maybe it is ‘better to travel than to arrive’.


6 thoughts on “Look for the hidden gem

  1. one of the things i love about europe is how OLD everything is. there is history everywhere you turn. america has some interesting stuff, but historically we can’t hold a candle to europe. the picture of the church is lovely…and i’m sure it’s been standing longer than anything on my side of the pond. 🙂

  2. Surprisingly it was only built in the 1880’s. There was a tremendous surge of such building in the 1870’s and ’80’s, and luckily much of it is still standing. Lady of the House has requested, nay demanded, that we go across the pond sometime in ‘THE FALL’. We had planned some years ago but cancellation was necessary.

    Why not put a series of your most-interesting National Treasures on a blog and have a poll on which is the favourite?

  3. I love old buildings living not far from litchfild the cathedral is beautiful and is always surrounded by people and families,taking in it’s beauty.The interior is splendid and has a calming serene feel inside.

  4. Dear all…..We are so lucky that we have such wonderful architecture in both small and large scale manifestations. Anyone who has been to York Minster cannot fail to be impressed by the sheer scale of the place (Cologne Cathedral is even larger I think). Meeeeeeeeeeee mentions Litchfield.. I have never been there and would love to see it. And yet little Iona Abbey is a miniature gem.

    Why don’t you all post a picture of some building which you either love, or is representative of the local buildin, or has some special meaning to you. It might well give us all an interesting new aspect on architecture.

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