Drink up…you need it!


So our beloved experts, the leaders of the free world, are meeting in the States, to discuss, and hopefully sort out, the economic mess which has lead many businesses and families to see disaster visit them. The economic crunch has been all-pervading and few people have escaped. ‘Heat or eat’? has been on the minds of a large percentage of people as the spiralling energy costs have heaped misery on misery.

So it is nice to see that these same leaders can have their energy-expensive journeys to the Summit, and then indulge in lavish meals, including some wine at £250 per bottle.

We wouldn’t want them suffering like us, would we?

2 thoughts on “Drink up…you need it!

  1. I am sure that many go into politics from an altruistic wish to help our country, while others seem to go into it as a ‘career’. There may be a case for MPs being selected, out of a hat,from the voting register, in each voting area and made to serve for a fixed number of years. If you expressed a wish to be a politician, you would be instantly barred from being one!

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