Remember, remember…..

Recently, we have had the local noises of fireworks, as people, for some strange reason, let off excessive numbers of fireworks. Is it to ward-off evil spirits, or just some kind of ‘last-fling’ at the end of Spring?  Why should we want to remember the Fifth of November, anyway?

This morning, at the Cathedral, we remembered the fallen, in a very gentle way, with no blazing trumpets, but a simple selection of hymns, Peter Maxwell-Davies’ moving ‘Farewell to Stromness’ played on the piano, and Frikki Walker’s ‘Prayer for Peace’.

This afternoon, with the foul weather, we started to clear out some old photographs. No easy task! We thought we would get rid of a lot, but it feels rather uncomfortable to destroy images of ones we knew, and maybe even more so, those we didn’t know, as they were before our time. So we compromise by getting some destroyed, some scanned-into the computer, and others to be sent-off to relations who might not have copies, and would welcome them, and even more to be passed on to the Glasgow’s People Palace. This is because the Lady’s forebears were famous in the Glasgow East-End Ministry, and were great supporters of the working people of the area. 

And so we have had a period of recalling those who at various times have passed-on. And what memories will we leave behind, and how will people sum-up our attitude to life and others (as they will)? Happy, pleasant, annoying, snobby, short-tempered, truthful, reliable, patient?

So it behoves us to remember this whenever we interact with someone we love, or someone we have just met for the first time…because we are laying down how we will be remembered long after we are gone. How would you like to be remembered? …..maybe I will just go down as a long-winder old blogger!!

8 thoughts on “Remember, remember…..

  1. Forget, Forget, may be a more appropriate phrase for some of one’s history! Your mind is obviously sharper than mine!….must dig out some old diaries!

  2. Perhaps, but you forget the words ‘lovely and friendly’ in front of ‘long winded old blogger’!
    I do wonder how I would be remembered… I think I’ll be remembered as a ‘worrier’. That sums me up I think!
    Good post Harry.

  3. I’ve often wondered how I’ll be remembered.

    It’s a good thought to always have in the front of your mind when meeting new people. Even if it’s just holding the door open for a stranger.

  4. What a thoughtful post! I don’t have much in the way of personal possessions so that really wouldn’t be much of a problem with me.
    As to how I’d like to be remembered I’m not really sure. Certainly I’d like to be remembered kindly by my blog friends, who I’m sure would sometimes say ‘He really loved his tea and biscuits.’ Cheers!

  5. Isn’t it strange that we all want to be remembered by small things, and that is what I would love to know about my forebears…not their date of birth and death, but what made them tick.

    Stewart….(he was in a Youth Group I had many years ago)…I always remember you chatting up the young ladies!
    Daffy…if I have got you worrying about being thought of as a worrier…stop immediately!
    Blue and tigger……you haven’t answered the question!
    Flighty….but do you ‘dunk’ the biscuits in your tea?

  6. Nice post. I think i would like to be remembered as someone fun loving. I was thinking today as i hear this song about what song would discribe me. It was ‘ ive got the music in me’ thought that was pretty nice.

  7. Hi, fabulous….sorry about being an old bloke but I don’t know the words of ‘I’ve got the music’, but it might apply to me…..have you or anyone out there got the lyrics?

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