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The world’s finances are in a mess, thousands of people are losing their homes and jobs, Afghanistan and Iraq along with many other counries are being torn apart by war, and yet, and yet, our illustrious press and broadcasting media see fit to put the lewd ramblings of two overblown, overpaid, (at our expense!), self-opionated, self-centred creeps, who add nothing to the world of culture (or in fact anything else) at the top of their news reports and banner headlines!

Brand has resigned, presumably reckoning that he will get a placement somewhere else, while Ross seems to be sticking it out, hoping it may blow over.

And of course there are the producers and directors who allowed this to be recorded, and subsequently broadcast…….hopefully they will have the decency to resign, and not just give us the old chestnut…’lessons have been learned, procedures have been set in place etc etc……as our politicians constantly tell us.

I think the BBC should question highly the £6m Ross was paid, and just because he draws an audience, what is the cost to decency, and what it is saying to the audience he is spposed to be drawing. Let’s not forget that it is the licence-payers who are paying the bill.


7 thoughts on “Read all about it!

  1. I have to say that it is not great loss if both Ross and Brand disappear forever. Bring back some good oldies thats what i say. x

  2. Absolutely right! I can see no justification for these creeps (and they are creepy), staying at the BBC or given the opportunity of broadcasting anywhere, ever again.

  3. Hi, Fab, I was about to say ‘A man after my own heart’ and then I hurriedly corrected myself!…..I think it is about time that the BBC(our money!) and the media in general, called the bluff of a lot of these characters. Why the BBC needs to feel that it has to ‘attract an audience’. I would have thought that it would have enough on its plate to satisfy the existing folk who pay for the licence. So, sod these expensive characters, we can do well without them!

  4. I don’t agree with you I’m afraid, at least I perhaps only half agree..
    I think we have too many other things to worry about than to be spending so much time and effort on worrying about what someone said to someone else. Lets be honest, Mr Sachs grandaughter is now having her fifteen minutes of fame, a name we had once never heard of is now being
    mentioned along with our request for toast and jam! Her website ‘Satanic Sluts’ will indeed get a few more hits and this sweet, hurt, young woman will hopefully be able to get back to her life. :o)
    Here was me thinking our government were having a difficult time yet here they are, getting involved in a ‘he said, she said’ argument… The
    economy must be ok after all… perhaps millions of people are not going to lose their homes/jobs/property before Christmas after all?
    Having said that, I am not saying that it is ok to do what they did I’m just saying that before it hit mainstream media, very few people had heard about it (the radio show is aimed at a certain genre and it’s not _that_ popular, also, people tuning in would do so because they
    don’t find Brand or Ross offensive, they probably quite like them.)The media have to take some responsability too.

  5. ….well, well, Daffy…..I had never heard of the website you mentioned……I’m frightened to type the name in case the Lady of the House sees me and questions me!If what you are saying is true, then it puts a different slant on it.

    It still does not excuse the playing of the tape, or the fact that it was addressed to a relatively old man.

    However, things seem to be quietening down again, and I hope that somewhere, somehow, lessons have been learned.

  6. I totally agree with you Harry, there is no excuse for that kind of behaviour. It’s not funny to watch someone elses humiliation. I think ‘not looking’ at the website is a very good idea. ;o)

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