Has Autumn come and gone?


Just as we have started to admire the wonderful autumnal colours of of our lovely countryside…..we have had hailstones piling up at the front door. Luckily they weren’t the size of the ones above, which were reported in Australia.

Is this the shortest Autumn ever?

5 thoughts on “Has Autumn come and gone?

  1. We had snow to the north of us yesterday!! AND, there’s still green leaves on a lot of the trees. They’ve just started to turn and we got a blast of a cold front.

    I do remember one halloween as a child where I had to wear my costume over my snow suit. Hope that’s not the case this year for the little ones.

  2. Apparently it’s is so variable because we’re under the meeting point of six different weather systems.
    That is also the reason why forecasting it can be difficult as well!

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