So Soon?

The Christmas lights have been put up today on the lamp-posts in our area!…..and we haven’t had Hallowe’en! 


In a time of financial strictures and fuel poverty, I think there are probably better and more pressing uses for the money. And why were they putting them up on a Sunday?…..was there an extra-time bonus involved?

They are pretty when switched-on, but I think I would rather see the footpaths improved or a special payment to OAPs to help with fuel……there are many other more pressing needs.

Now we have only to look-out for the first Christmas tree in a window!

10 thoughts on “So Soon?

  1. Last weekend, we noticed the shops have all sprung alive with reindeers and jolly gnomes, and everything has taken-on a dusting of ‘snow’. All we need now is the real snow,the crowds, the crush for bargains, the worry about missing out someone on the present list…Oh Joy!

  2. This is further proof that our world is totally and utterly mad! Everyone is trying to drain every last penny from our pockets and as things are so tight, they figure they need to start early. Spend a little to gain alot?? (Surely they don’t think we are _that_ stupid do they? Christmas is so far away in my thoughts at the moment! (and so it should be) My costs are all minimised putting more emphasis on the meaning of Christmas and the love of the family. If this economic climate has done anything good it has made me realise that no matter how little pence I have in my pocket I have buckets of love! (It makes me feel better anyway!)
    Look at me! :o) I don’t visit for ages and then come over here and have a good old rant.
    A shorter comment form me would have said…
    Harry, I completely agree with you!
    Hope you and yours are keeping well.

  3. Hi daff…..To me Christmas still brings joy, light, hope, wide-open eyes in children, a tear in an old romantic’s eye, the meaning of family, memories of loved ones who have passed-on, thankfulness for health, sorrow for those we cannot help, regret for the times when we could have helped someone, forgiveness….etc etc.

    This year my choir are foregoing attendance at our Cathedral, and are instead going to join with another choir and sing the Service of Lessons and Carols in what we hope will be a small but full Church on the Sunday evening before Christmas.

    Who needs shops anyway!

  4. wow that is really early. I mean you see Christmas stuff in the shops but not the windows and light. I love CHristmas but even this early is early for me.

  5. I am a fanatic for chirstmas but I totally agree— way too early. Let’s get through Halloween at the very least.

  6. We all seem unified! But no doubt we will all fall in line! At least this year the credit crunch may limit the spending a bit,and maybe the real meaning of the season may influence us a little more.

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