‘Move along there, please’

Son has just picked-up the keys, following the purchase of a house…whoopee! One would think that with the housing market being what it is there would have been no hiccups….but life is never simple!

Trawling the internet for the house agents and looking at the multitude of houses available did not make the job easier…the amount of information out there is overwhelming, and deciding price, location, schools, transport, number of bedrooms, size of rooms etc must have been a nightmare for him, as it spilled-over to his mother, the Young Lady of the House, with her finely-honed computer skills, flicking from one agent to another.

Views to several houses, disappointment over one property, the eventual decision, and anxiety over whether the purchase would go through, caused some sleepless nights. The relief when agreement was reached was palpable, but only lasted briefly before the logistics of moving from his flat had to be addressed.

Then the garden will need tidied-up before winter, and all the other small jobs you find needing done, so it won’t be easy over the next few months.

However, maybe this is the move which will get the housing market going again, and not the efforts of the Government!

2 thoughts on “‘Move along there, please’

  1. the housing market here is also a nightmare…you would think you could pick something up for a song…but no.

    and you’re so cute with the whole garden needing to be tidied-up. my landscaping is a nightmare…why don’t you come visit me?

  2. Hope your politicians can resolve this over the weekend…but the recent arguments between them does not bode fair.

    The weather recently has not been good so the grass is a quagmire and the evenings are shorter so can’t do much.

    I don’t think you could afford my professional fees….i need a lot of tea, or beer, plus choccy biscs, rests after one hour for one hour and then back to work etc….Oh and i forgot….lots of your candy!

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