Another Suicide Bomber!

Yet again large numbers of people have been killed by a suicide bomber….this time at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad. Can anyone please explain to me in words of one syllable why anyone feels it is right to go and kill such innocent people in the name of their ‘religion’. We have had such instances closer to home in Ireland, but at last there appears to be a recognition that ‘talk, talk, is better than war, war’

Can someone enlighten me please?

5 thoughts on “Another Suicide Bomber!

  1. Oh, CWG… vexes me greatly! I spent my childhood in Ireland where politics, religion and violence were all mixed-up, on both sides of the divide. My family brought me over to Scotland in 1962, when the problems were worsening again, and I am glad to say we have never had such problems over here.

    I can conceive of no loving god (or even any theology)where such acts would be reasonable or it could be permissible for the greater good. Do they not realise the pain and suffering their direct action brings, and also the long-term effect on children who have lost parents and friends?

    We can only hope and pray that somehow, sometime, somewhere, they will see the error of their ways!

  2. There’s no easy answer to this, Harry, and I’m sure you know that, yeah?

    These are not the acts of rational minds. In fact, our word, “assassin” derives from the Arabic for an Islamic sect from the 13th C. It means, “hasish user”, because this sect tended to be driven to their acts by smoking this stuff to create a form of religious ecstasy.

    Anyway… if you ever get a chance, watch the West Wing episode, “Isaac and Ishmael”. It’s a favourite of mine, and offers some explanations and thoughtful discussion on the problems posed when we begin asking these kinds of questions, but it also reminds us that these people are very much the minority, and that most other people of faith abhor these acts of violence — a thought which is summed up in the phrase: “Islamic Extremist is to Islam as KKK is to Christianity”.

    : )

    All we can do is reach out and offer our support to those who wish peace, and continue to pray for the situation at hand.


  3. Lisa…..very succinct! Perhaps I am fortunate that the Cathedral to which I belong is peace-loving and very accepting of people of all faiths and beliefs who wish to worship within its walls. Being so close to Glasgow University we have a very wide range of people coming into this peaceful space. If only all principle was accepted by other ‘faiths’.

    Fiona….thanks for the info on ‘assassin’. I didn’t know that. I have also never seen a West Wing episode….have made a note of the title if I ever get the chance. It is unfortunate that one only needs a very small number of people to cause havoc to a massive number of people.

    Thank you both for your comments….

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