It’s nearly over…thank goodness!

Much as I can support the possibilities coming from competitors from all over the world, meeting and competing once every four years, I am certainly having reservations about the recent comments from the IOC President.

He has said that London cannot do less than China did to put on the spectacular 2008 Olympic Games. Has he not noted the starvation throughout the world, the ozone layer problem, the disruption in people’s lives, the consumption of materials, the use of a decreasing fuel supply, the air-time taken up, the glorification of what should be sports, but end up as ways to earn obscene amounts of money etc etc.

How we can justify spending such large amounts of money and using up the earth’s resources, whilst others starve, I just do not know! What are we saying to gernerations to come….. ‘We ignored the poor and hungry, so that we can get our fix of sport, and spent increasingly-large amounts of money so that others can praise our politicians.

Sorry, but I will be glad when it is over….I’ve had over-kill!