Old and/or New

I have a wardrobe full of clothes which are mostly over a year old. They are all perfectly functionable and serviceable for occasions ranging from gardening, to formal does, and don’t show the signs of aging which my face does! As they wear, they are moved into another usage area so that they can be utilised with impunity in the garden or when grovelling in the loft. When even that is no longer an option, they are moved into the next charity bag requesting rags or old clothes. ….all a very good system!

I also have a car which has 110,000 miles on the clock, and whilst it sports a few bits of rust and some scratches, it is going well, and will see me well, until public transport is the main mode of travel for us…..and I am proud of having an old car!

So I am doing my bit to save the planet from the voracious consumption of ‘stuff’!!!!!

Why then is it seen as the function of the fair species to induce us to ‘clear out those clothes’, on a regular basis? The problem is, you see, that I constantly receive gifts of ties, sock, shirts and vouchers for major clothes chains! This unfortunately happens irrespective of the actual requirement, no matter how good the intention. So I receive more items than are disposed-off, and so the wardrobe gets fuller, and the individual clothes which are there are worn fewer times per year, (obviously) but their presence and the occasional wearing, lead the Young Lady of the House to inquire why ‘that old thing’ is being worn.

It’s a chicken and egg thing. Should I ask for a moratorium on the purchase of clothes for me for 5 years so that I can actually wear out some, and clear a space in the wardrobe? I can’t think of any answer….come on guys, give me a clue as to how you handle this ….and ladies, don’t give any platitudes about ‘keeping in fashion’ or any such rubbish!