A mystery flower?

Took a shot recently, of the plant below…an unusual but quite pretty flower?…. not really, in fact it is very common!

Go on, see if you know it!

6 thoughts on “A mystery flower?

  1. CWG….Three good ideas there, but you will kick yourself (maybe). I am hoping that Flighty will come up with a suggestion….he should know!

  2. Flighty….Sorry we were not able to extend the query longer…however that is just what happens when such brilliant brains are out there, just waiting to be tested!

    Absolutely right, however…..do you know if it was on a north-facing or a south facing slope…. I may just have you there!

  3. Not that brilliant considering my plot neighbour ‘Irish’ Brian grows an awful lot of spuds!
    I’d have to say a south facing slope knowing full well that’s it’s probably not! Cheers.

  4. Actually I can’t get rid of the blighters. I thought I had cleared the area of potatoes, when I put in rhubarb about 20 years ago, but they keep coming up, and I keep meaning to lift the rhubarb one winter, completely clear all evidence of spuds, and then replant the rhubarb in the spring….we Irish get everywhere and it is difficult to shift us!

    PS the ground is completely flat and well sheltered. Had hoped to grow some tomatoes nearby, but not wet or warm at the right time, but might get a few. If not it will be back to the greenhouse for them next year!

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