It’s only a week….!

Daughter and Young Lady of the House are off this weekend, for a week in the sunny north of Majorca leaving me to look after myself…..I say ‘look after myself’ advisedly and the house and larder have been prepared for this break, by tidying-up and stocking-up respectively. Along with this, numerous pieces of advice (nay, instruction!) have been given, to make my very survival possible.

Young Lady is an excellent planner, and tremendously-well organised, so that no shirt is un-ironed, no surface un-scrubbed, and no phone-call un-made, before they set-off. Ergo, I will still be alive and ready to receive her back into the bosom of the household on her return. 

Daughter is similarly gifted and no-doubt her dwelling will be as clean as a new pin, and not a single dirty item of clothing will dare to be in the wrong place!

I will muddle by, consuming some of the pre-planned food in the fridge and freezer, but no doubt, along with Son, sampling some of the local ethnic food, with little thought for any calorific intake. In other words I will be enjoying myself in my own way…..the only difference being that I will have to get up in the morning and get to the office (possibly bleary-eyed, and woozy after too much rice or pasta), and still appear to be very professional and totally in control of my life. 

I hope they have a nice time, but it really will be good to see them back, and hopefully I shall not get too much hassle, if anything is out of place, or some food un-eaten!