We had a great evening!

Despite the cynical views of barbecues I gave on last blog, we had a lovely time last weekend when the choir got together for an end of season get-together.

The evening was not exactly balmy, but pleasantly mild; the cooking was, as one might expect, superb (from your’s truly); the preparation, presentation and consumption of food and liquid went as planned; the conversation flowed well with no-one left in a corner; the midges had gone away for their holidays; and the evening finished with a good old ‘sing-song’ round the piano (as you would xpect from a choir).

So when are we going to do it again, before the winter sets-in!

4 thoughts on “We had a great evening!

  1. As I sit looking out on the garden this morning, it is beautifully-sunny and warm, and the birds are flitting about looking for greenfly on the roses! I knew that i should have left the gazebo up, and the barbecue ready again. Maybe summer has arrived at long last.

    Today is known as the Glasgow Fair Monday, and many businesses are closed. Traditionally, it pours this weekend, but this has been a good spell over the last few days, so perhaps we can get more charcoal and burn some more burgers and sausages!

  2. Hi CWG…..trouble is, we are not used to a lot of heat over here….even a kilt doesn’t keep us warm enough when it’s cold!

    Never mind when global warming really takes a grip, you will all be wanting to come and join us over here while it is still cool enough!…and we can still have barbecues.

    At least while it is cold we can cover ourselves, and don’t need air-conditioning like you do!

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