‘I’m not really hungry, thanks’.

Wouldn’t it be nice if some of the world’s most powerful leaders, meeting to discuss world starvation and the rapid decrease in living standards, took it upon themselves to utter the words of the header here, so that they might not be seen to be what they really are…greedy, self-indulgent, hypocritical, ego-centric individuals.

While the starving faces look out from the TV screen and newspapers, how can we allow those we elect behave in such a manner. I can appreciate that the hosts wanted to show-off their culinary skills and would not want to be seen as stingy….nevertheless……would it not have been at least a gesture to have simple food…..and why not use tele-conferencing or the equivalent in this day of world-wide communication, and save the tremendous waste of fuel, inconvenience, financial expense, management time etc, instead of travelling half-way round the world for a few days of eating and chattering, with the hope of coming-up with a cobbled-together statement of platitudes, and proposals…..meanwhile the starvation goes on!

Never mind…there will soon be another trough into which the politicians can get their snouts!