A century of blogging…gosh!

Checking up on my Dashboard recently, I noticed that WordPress had been keeping a tab on my ramblings. Nothing suspicious or worrying, I hasten to add, ……just that a certain important number was about to appear…..

What do you say in your hundreth blog? Surely it has to be something important, or startling, or interesting, or memorable, or intriguing, or revolutionary, or humorous, or deeply philosophical, or retrospective, or forward-looking, or stimulating, or argumentative…..and yet, is the subject-matter all that important, in the Grand Scheme of Things?

As a relative new-comer to this media, I have found it interesting that so many people from diverse areas of the world, different ages and backgrounds, with different interests and lifestyles, can stop and make even a passing comment on my life-notes, and I have the opportunity to have a little peep into the life of others. I suppose it bonds us all together in the human race….and for that i am very thankful.

One query still haunts me (well, not exactly haunts!), what do you call a group of bloggers..would it be a ‘blether of bloggers’?….any ideas?

5 thoughts on “A century of blogging…gosh!

  1. Well done on 100 up! As to it’s subject matter most people just mention the fact and treat it as another entry.
    I think that in well over three years of blogging it’s what you say in your second to last paragraph that has surprised and pleased me most as well.
    As to what you call a group of bloggers…? Cheers!

  2. How about a ‘boggle’ of Bloggers?
    It seems to fit. :o)
    Congrats on your 100th entry!
    Here is to many more!

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