It’s tennis..for goodness sake!

As an adopted Scot I am pleased to see that a fellow countryman is doing well at Wimbleton….and yet…all this stupid self-directed aggression and grimacing seems so alien. If the photographs in the newspapers were not titled, and we saw the aggression and expressions in another arena we might think he was part of a mob! What kind of image is he projecting to young people today?

It certainly is not one of gentlemanly behaviour to another competitor. Maybe I’ve missed something but I understood that tennis and many other games are entertainment, and not just a way of earning large amounts of money, or earning glory.

Get your act together, Andy! You have a right to win if you can prove you are better than your opponent, but you also have an opportunity (nay, a duty) to keep it all in context. People will eventually ¬†tire of your shouting and aggression. Children should be learning to treat success and failure as not dissimiliar…failure teaches us to accept that we all have limitations but can improve, whilst success should tell us that it is transitory, and very few leading sportsmen and women don’t eventually lose and go downhill. If one treats success in such an aggressive manner, what will you do when you start losing on a regular basis?

Keep on winning, but lighten-up!